Fundraising Tips

Selling fundraising products can be pretty daunting for adults, let alone kids! Yet, presenting and selling products to family or strangers can build confidence and teach valuable skills that your sellers will keep for life.

There are a few fundraising tips to make sure your campaign is successful. We recommend going through this page with your sellers so they feel prepared and confident to step out an sell.


The first fundraising tip is to start is with the support sellers can expect from your organisation. This is vital to ensure your community and target audience are aware of your fundraising campaign, and to expect sellers.

Promote your upcoming campaign on your social media feeds, newsletters and website. Create a sense of expectation to excite your community about the campaign and educate them of your objectives. Once the campaign has begun, keep sharing news and milestones, anything to keep the campaign top of mind for your consumers.

Having this awareness of your campaign will make the job of approaching your audience, so much easier for your sellers. Adding a sense of competition can also make the campaign more fun. Offer incentives to the seller that moves the most product.


Even if you are selling to people you know, prepare for the task. People will take you seriously if you are dressed well and you know what you are talking about:

  • Be sure you understand the details of your fundraising campaign; What’s it for? How much money do you need?
  • It’s also important to learn about the products you are selling; How does it work? What benefit is it to me?

Think of what other questions you might be asked by your stakeholders and have a response ready in mind, just in case.¬†Above all, remember your manners. People will be happy to support your fundraising efforts if you use ‘please’ and ‘thank you’.

Role playing can also be effective in getting sellers accustomed to the task at hand. This can be done at home or in their class or group. Have your sellers run through their sales pitch with an adult or each other to practise their approach.


Depending on what products you have, you should give thought to whether you want to sell them or seek donations. You’ll get a different response from your stakeholders depending on your choice.

If you have a high value product, Sales may be the best option. That way you know what sell price you require to cover your budget. However, if you have a low cost item and you ask someone, “Do you want to buy X to support our fundraiser?” the answer may well be “no”. Not everyone is going to want what you are selling.

By simply changing the question to; “Would you like to support our fundraising? You can have this free gift for your donation” you may find people more willing to support you as they will feel engaged with your fundraising campaign, whether they want one of your products or not.


Help us build this page with advice for effective fundraising. Send us your fundraising tips to add to this list.